How To Care Your Christmas Flowers? – Find Out!

Christmas is almost here! Whether you’ve got Christmas plants or Christmas flowers or foliage as Christmas gifts, it’s time to adore those beauties with proper care to enjoy them for long. Whether you got it for your decor or received it as a gift, we’ve got some tips from experienced florists & gardeners to help you out. So, if you have kept the popular holiday Christmas flower bouquets at home, here are our tips to take proper care of them. It’s no rocket science, just minimal efforts to adore the delicate lovelies. Let’s check them out.


Poinsettia is a popular Christmas flower that instantly lights up the festive mood with its bright red leaves and flowers. If you have got a potted Poinsettia, make sure to keep the soil dry and keep them near the window for some partial sun. So, they can stay fresh for weeks and keep your décor look the same even after the holidays.

White Lillies

Classic white lillies are traditional Christmas flowers. These flowers have long, attractive blooms, which add a touch of elegance to gardens and yards. Lilies are grown from bulbs and require minimal care, provided you plant them under the right conditions. So, if you have a Lillie flower vase, make sure to sprinkle water, keep the soil well-drained and place them in full to partial sun.

Red Roses

A beautiful bouquet of roses is always a joy to come home. They represent romance and friendship and are popular Christmas flowers & everyone’s favourite. Once the occasion is over & the roses are a little dry, make sure to remove the leaves from the stems and petals that surround the blooms. Make sure to place the ends of the roses in a large bowl filled with fresh water and flower food. You can arrange the rose stems in the vase & repeat the care as long as possible.

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