Caring for Cut Flowers: Tips From Expert Florist

Flowers have a wonderful power to fill our lives with happiness, colour, and aroma. There’s no better way to enhance the beauty of your house, celebrate a particular occasion, or simply make someone’s day happier than with freshly cut flowers. The expert florists at Studfield Florist, your go-to florist in Wantirna, know how important it is to choose the ideal flowers and know how to take care of them so they last as long as possible. We’re giving you important advice on how to take care of cut flowers in this blog so you can preserve their beauty and make the most of your floral arrangements.

Water Wisdom: The Lifeline for Flowers
Proper watering is the cornerstone of flower care. Here’s what you need to know:

Fresh Water: Start with clean, room temperature water. Avoid using water that’s too hot or too cold, as extreme temperatures can shock the flowers.

Change Water Regularly: Flowers, like all living things, need fresh water to thrive. Change the water in the vase every 2-3 days to prevent the buildup of harmful bacteria.

Trim Stems: Before placing flowers in the vase, trim the stems at an angle. This increases the surface area for water absorption. Re-trim the stems every few days for maximum water uptake.

Bacteria Busters: Keeping the Water Clean
The water in your vase can become a breeding ground for bacteria, which can clog the stems and lead to premature wilting. To keep the water clean:

Remove Leaves: Submerged leaves can decay and promote bacterial growth. Remove any leaves that might be below the waterline in your vase.

Add Flower Food: Flower food contains nutrients that can prolong the life of your flowers. Follow the instructions on the packet when using it.

Proper Placement: Protecting Your Flowers
Where you place your vase can make a big difference:

Avoid Direct Sunlight: While flowers love the light, direct sunlight can cause them to wilt prematurely. Choose a spot with indirect light.

Keep Away from Drafts: Drafts, such as those from air conditioning or open windows, can dehydrate flowers quickly. Position your vase away from these sources of airflow.

Common Flower Care Issues: Troubleshooting
Even with the best care, sometimes issues arise. Here’s how to address a few common problems:

Wilting: If your flowers start to wilt, you can revive them by trimming the stems, changing the water, and giving them a fresh, clean start.

Drooping: Some flowers may start to droop. To perk them up, wrap the flower heads in a damp paper towel and refrigerate them for a few hours before returning them to the vase.

At Studfield Florist, we’re committed to helping you make the most of your floral arrangements. Whether you’re looking for same-day flower delivery or need expert advice on flower care, we’re here to assist. As your local florist in Wantirna, we’re dedicated to bringing the beauty of Wantirna flowers into your life. With these flower care tips, you can enjoy your blooms for longer and make every moment a little more special with the charm of fresh cut flowers.