Order Christmas Flowers From Us – Here’s Why?

Christmas FlowersChristmas is in the air. It’s the best season to be jolly and what better way to get into the festive spirit? For some, it may be expensive gifts. However, Christmas flowers are what truly makes the occasion special. So, without further ado, send Christmas flowers from us because they’re beautiful and will make everyone happy. Every time someone receives flowers from you, they’ll know how much you care about them and they will feel the joy of giving, which is the cornerstone of the Christmas holiday. And when you order flowers from us, you’re sharing a piece of love with people that matter to you.

Wide Range Of Christmas Flowers And Hampers

At Studfield Florist, we understand that Christmas is more than just a holiday; it’s a celebration of warmth, love, and togetherness. Our carefully curated Christmas flower arrangements are designed to capture the festive spirit, bringing the beauty of the season into your home. From classic poinsettias to vibrant arrangements featuring holly and evergreens, each bouquet is a masterpiece that reflects the joy of the holidays.

Unparalleled Quality and Freshness

What sets us apart is our unparalleled quality and freshness. We source our flowers from trusted local growers, ensuring that each bloom is at its peak when it arrives at your doorstep. Our expert florists handcraft every arrangement with precision and care, guaranteeing a stunning display that lasts throughout the holiday season.

Customised Flower Arrangements For All

No two homes are alike, and neither should be your Christmas flowers in Melbourne. We offer a range of customisable options to suit your unique style and preferences. Whether you prefer traditional red and green or a more modern and eclectic palette, our florists will work with you to create a bespoke arrangement that complements your home’s aesthetic. Make this Christmas truly special with flowers that suit your taste.

Christmas Flower Delivery

In the season of giving, there’s no better way to express love and appreciation than with a thoughtfully crafted bouquet from us. Our Christmas flowers in Melbourne are available for doorstep delivery. For same-day flower delivery in Melbourne, order before 1.00 pm. As the Christmas flower delivery may take some time for distant suburbs, feel free to check with us for information regarding your flower delivery.

This Christmas, order flowers online from us to send the festive spirit into your home and into the homes of those you love the most! Whether you’re having a Christmas party or just want to spread some festive cheer, we have the best flower arrangements, hampers, and gifts for you to send your loved ones and help them get into the spirit of the holidays.

To avail of our Christmas flower delivery, order online or call us at 03 9801 1188 today.


What Flowers Should You Send to Show Sympathy?

Sympathy FlowersLosing a loved one is an incredibly difficult experience.  And, expressing your condolence through funeral flowers can provide comfort during such times. Choosing the right sympathy flowers is a thoughtful gesture that conveys your support and condolences. However, if you are not used to sending flowers and are unaware of what to choose, you’re not alone. In today’s blog, we’ll help you with different types of sympathy flowers you can order online and convey your heartfelt message with grace and sensitivity.

 Roses & Gifts Melbourne

Most florists suggest muted or calming flowers for funerals. However, when words fall short, roses and thoughtful gifts can convey your sympathy in a gentle and comforting manner. Roses, especially white ones, symbolise purity and reverence, making them a perfect choice for expressing sympathy. A bouquet of soft white roses can bring comfort to the grieving family and show your support during their difficult time. When you pair your floral arrangement with a heartfelt note or a small gift can further convey your caring thoughts.

 Lillies, Daisies, And Chrysanthemums

Sympathy flowers come in various forms, each has its symbolism. White Lilies are often associated with the restoration of innocence after death, making them a popular choice for funerals and memorial services. Their elegant and serene appearance offers a sense of calm to those grieving. Chrysanthemums, with their diverse colours, represent loyalty and support, while daisies symbolise purity and innocence.

 Funeral Flowers

Funeral flowers serve as a tribute to the life of the departed and offer comfort to their loved ones.


With their timeless beauty, represent eternal love and can be a meaningful choice for expressing sympathy.


Just like roses, carnations are available in various hues, symbolise love and remembrance. When choosing funeral flowers, get muted and calming colours that evoke a sense of peace and serenity.

Sending sympathy flowers is a sincere way to express your condolences and offer support to those who are grieving.  If you require sympathy flowers, funeral flowers, roses, gifts, or mother’s Day flowers, order flowers from Studfield Florist. For flower delivery in Melbourne, call 0398011188 today.

Mother’s Day Flower Delivery 2023!

Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and what better way to show your appreciation for your mom than by sending a beautiful bouquet? Mother’s Day flower delivery is a great way to do that, especially if you can’t visit her in person. However, keep in mind that florists will be busy packing large orders this time, and it’s best to order in advance for on-time Mother’s Day flower delivery. Your mom will surely be touched by this thoughtful gesture, and you’ll also feel good knowing you made her day a little brighter. In today’s blog, let’s look at the best Mother’s Day flowers and where to buy them, even at the last minute.

Mother's day flower

Play with Options

When thinking about Mother’s Day, roses and gifts are not the only choices. There are countless flower and gift options for Mother’s Day. Roses are always a classic choice, but there are other options like a bouquet of white lilies, a bright mix of tulips, and sophisticated orchids that are equally stunning. It’s best to order from the florist near you at least a week in advance.

Personalise the Flower Bouquet

If your mom has a favorite flower, that would be an excellent choice, but if you’re unsure, you can’t go wrong with a mixed bouquet of carnations. Choose colors that your mom loves or that represent your relationship. For example, pink and white flowers are often associated with love and gratitude.

Same-Day Flower Delivery in Wantirna, Wantirna South

If you’ve waited until the last minute to order flowers for Mother’s Day, don’t worry. Some reliable florists offer same-day flower delivery, which means you can still surprise your mom with a beautiful bouquet. Same-day flower delivery is a lifesaver, especially if you’re not able to see your mom in person. Keep in mind that same-day delivery may come with an additional fee, so be sure to check before placing your order.

Where to Order for the Best Mother’s Day Flower Delivery?

There are several options for ordering Mother’s Day flowers, but when you need the best for her, order from Studfield Florist. They are a well-known flower delivery service provider in Wantirna South that offers a wide selection of Mother’s Day flowers. You can even get same day flower delivery with no additional charges, and you will have many flower options to fit any budget.

Sweet Thoughts, Hazel, Amari, Simply Stunning, DaintyGarden Glow, Graceful, Cherish, Enchanted Garden, Piper, Citrus SplashTranquility.

If you are looking for a florist in Wantirna South to customise Mother’s day flower arrangements, call Studfield Florist at 03 9801 1188 today.

Impress Your Crush With These Beautiful Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is nearing day by day. And, there is no better chance to confess your feelings than this beautiful occasion. If you have been eyeing them for a while and don’t know how to propose, there are many ways to say be my valentine without feeling embarrassed. When it comes to Valentine’s Day gifts, it’s not about the presents or expensive things you get for her; it’s the feeling you convey through it. Well, a red rose for Valentine’s Day is certainly the best gift; we have some options to help you make the right choice. Let’s get started.

Valentine’s Day Flowers

Well, there are red roses, carnations, gerbera daisies, Lillies, and much more on the list. However, customise a Valentine’s Day flower arrangement from a florist shop near you. Ask the florist to integrate her favourite flowers and make a floral confession her way with same-day flower delivery to impress her.

Cakes And Chocolates

Whether your valentine has sweet tooth or she loves to receive chocolates, then get her personalised cakes or chocolates in her favourite flavour with some flowers. We assure you that this will make her heart melt; you can also put a message on the cake saying “Be My Valentine”?  We are sure that her happiness will know no bounds and will call you right away with a resounding yes!

Monochrome Coffee Mugs

Gifts your sweetheart with personalised coffee mugs. Either you can print their name on it or hide a special message at the back of the cup. Besides that, there are monochrome coffee mugs that reveal your image when hot drinks are poured into them.

Special Hamper

If your special one loves makeup or loves skincare essentials way too much, get her a special hamper that contains all her favourite skincare products and tools to make her way to her heart.

Teddy Bear

Your valentine’s day is not complete without a teddy. Get a snugly-teddy with a sweet love message printed on the teddy doll or attach a heart to make it special.

All these are reliable options to please your love. Now, you have gotten some idea about how to confess your feelings. Why wait? Order Valentine’s Day flowers and gifts from Studfield Florist. For flower delivery in Wantirna South, call 03 9801 1188 today.

 Why Should You Send Yourself Flowers? 

Have you ever called a florist Wantirna order flowers for your home?  If you have not done this, you should do it more often.  As life can be hectic, but give yourself a break every now and then and practice buying flowers from a florist you know.  

Flowers are undoubtedly the most impactful and meaningful gifts you can give yourself. Probably, it’s one of the most encouraging and empowering things you can do for yourself. However, now sending flowers to you is a form of self-care. Let’s find out!

Flowers Are Natural Mood Boosters

Recent research has found that people who receive flowers help to relax and give positive vibes. Not only can a flower delivery make you feel good, but it also soothes your senses, it can help you smile more often and genuinely smile at the spectacular flowers.

Flowers Empower You

No matter what type of person you are, there is nothing wrong with sending yourself some fresh and gorgeous blooms. It empowers you, makes you feel happy for no reason, and helps to make some changes in your attitude or the way you handle stress. Get a flower delivery suitable for you and go back home to enjoy those fresh and lovely blooms.

Flowers Are Pleasing

Flowers have an enticing appeal that sets your mood. Be it a tiring day or are stressed about something or have anxiety issues, flowers kept on your table or bedroom can calm your mind and resolve any anxiety with their vibrant appeal. You can also ask the florist to use your favourite flowers in the bouquet for a personal touch.

Buy Yourself Flowers

Quite often, people wait for important occasions like birthdays or anniversaries to order flowers. Not anymore! You can order flowers on a normal day to turn an ordinary day into a beautiful celebration.

Bottom Line Ordering flowers for you is the best form of self-care. It helps you think better, refreshes your mind, and is a perfect addition for self-care.  If you are looking for a florist in Wantirna South, call Studfield Florist on 03 9801 1188 today.